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Zoot Suit

Zoot Suit 2005  2005 promo Graeme and Col at Campbells 2005 Graeme & Col at Campbell's Winery, Tastes of Rutherglen 2005 promo 1.jpg promo 1 Tony at The Priory Tony
edited mustang girls.jpg (98167 bytes) crowd participation Col on trampoline jumpswing Colin Zoot Suit horn section the horn section Walkaround Campbells 2003 Campbell's Winery 2003
ZS pool room  promo 2 Walkaround Campbells 2003  Campbell's Winery 2003 Kevin in action Kevin takes a solo Special guest Murray at Wang Jazz Festival Ball 2002 Special Zoot Suit guest, Murray Bower and Geoff Prior (right), at the 2002 Wangaratta Festival of Jazz, Ball - Oxley.

Liquid nite club - 2003

band at Liquid Ross, Graeme, Colin  and Tony at Liquid Nite Club Colin and dancers at Liquid Colin  sings to some dancers near the band Gra Col and Tony at Liquid Colin  plays saxophone with support from Tony on bass Kevin at Liquid Kevin at work
Ross Gra and Tony at Liquid Ross, Kevin and Tony set a groove Ross Gra Col and Tony at Liquid Ross and the horns play some funky lines with support from Tony and special Melbourne guest Col Wilson on piano Ross Gra on Flugel and Tony at Liquid The band play a funky Stanley Turrentine tune    

Winery Walkabout - Warrabilla 2003

Ross and Colin at Warrabilla 2003.jpg Ross and Colin Col Wilson Warrabilla 2003.jpg Special  Melbourne guest, Col Wilson Tony at Warrabilla 2003.jpg (148271 bytes) Tony on Fender bass Band at Warrabilla 2003.jpg Warrabilla Winery
Colin at Warrabilla 2003.jpg Colin playing tenor saxophone Ross at Warrabilla 2003.jpg Ross taking a solo        

  Zoot Suit History

Zoot Suit began life back in 1993 as a four piece jazz combo called 3 Play, its line-up consisting of double bass, guitar, trumpet and trombone.

A resident Sunday night gig at a local hotel in 1995 dictated the need for a larger ensemble and the band expanded to a six piece group, adding drums and saxophone.

The name was amended to 3 Play & Friends.

The line-up remained consistent for several years, then after a few personnel changes and a name change to Zoot Suit, it finally settled as a five piece band, only occasionally being augmented to a larger ensemble for special gigs.

Our bass player, Tony and horn players, Graeme and Colin, are original members of 3 Play & Friends from 1995.

Tony and Graeme are the remaining founding members of the original 3 Play, formed in 1993.

See some of the bands history in picture form, below:


3 Play & Friends horn section reunion 3 Play & Friends horn section reunion at Wang Jazz Festival Oxley Jazz Ball gig. Col (saxophones/clarinet) Murray (trumpet) and Graeme (trombone) 29.10.04            
John Coleman night.jpg 3 Play & Friends residency at the NewMarket Hotel 1995 - 98 "John Coleman night" - Col Coleman, Graeme Coleman, Murray Coleman & Tony Coleman. Graeme, Kevin, Murray and Tony at Mt Buffalo Chalet 1994.jpg 3 Play by the pool at Chalet 1994 - Graeme, Kevin, Murray and Tony Tony Murray and Kevin at Mt Buffalo Chalet.jpg 3 Play at Mt Buffalo Chalet 1994 - Tony Lukav, Murray Bower, Kevin Lyons & Graeme Cook (camera) 3 play and Friends, Newmarket hotel residency.jpg 3 Play & Friends on stage at the Newmarket Hotel - Graeme, Colin, Geoff, Tony & John
Newmarket residency birthday 3rd celebrations - Geoff and Tony Band residency 3rd birthday celebrations at Newmarket Hotel - Geoff & Tony Col on Bari & Geoff Col funks things up on Baritone with Geoff 3 play and Friends original line-up.jpg St Leonard's Winery '98 Sunday residency on the lawn - John, Geoff, Tony, Colin and Graeme Colin Wangaratta Festival of Jazz Pin-up boy Colin as 'Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and Blues' pin-up boy
Colins US tour newspaper story 1990 Colins US tour story Murray relaxing after a gig Murray relaxing after a gig at Mt Buffalo Chalet Mob horn section soundcheck Birth of a horn section - 'The Mob' Col, Murray & Graeme do a sound check for a rock gig in 1995, Bruce on piano in back John Coleman behind the drums - 3 Play & Friends 1995 3 Play & Friends drummer, John Coleman behind his Premier kit on a river cruise gig.
3 Play & Friends Jazz Show John, Murray & Geoff  playing their favorite tracks on air for a local community radio Jazz Program Murray & Geoff on the air Murray & Geoff introducing a tune to late night listeners. Bigband gig deer head reefer Drummer Big Al Harrison is watched closely by a seedy looking jazz fan at a bigband gig in town. The Priory gig Reception gig at The Priory with Melbourne guest Heather Stewart.
Bob and Den recording 1 2001 Recording session with ex UK jazz musicians, Bob Nicholson (trumpet) & Den Lowery (piano) Bob and Den recording 2 Geoff, Al, Tony, Colin, Bob and Den discuss an arrangement Jimmy Matthews - No.1 fan Zoot Suits number 1 fan, Jimmy Matthews (left) with Norm & Perle Cook at the Newmarket Hotel. Uni open day 1992 University open day 1992 - Al, Tony, Murray and a youthful Geoff